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During 2500 BC, India became one of the first locations to grow and use cotton for making clothes. Human artwork forms in Indian temples and monuments are possibly the principle source of records on Indian clothing. Apart from that the rock-cut sculptures, the cave paintings, and remains from the sites of Indus Valley civilization also deliver an in-depth bureau of clothing trends in India. A huge majority of Indian clothing for males and females has developed from garments like lungi, sari, gamcha, and dhoti. India is the second largest populous country in the world and it shows a brilliant range in its population as well. Clothing in India is substantially influenced by means of the religion human beings follow.

At Ilkal’s Pride, you will witness the legacy of manufacturing the famous Ilkal sarees from generations to generations.The sarees manufactured at our place are shipped to every part of India and abroad. Our special handloom sarees carry our history, culture and heritage along with it. It is our fourth generation today in manufacturing and taking Ilkal sarees to the world.At our place it is all about crafting the change. Our artisans are masters of the art they perform while working with sarees. Sarees are indeed the most popular Indian ethnic put on for women. A saree is essentially a long piece of cloth, normally round 10 meters long which is draped around the body in quite a few extraordinary styles. Different areas have a special type of saree, for example, Kanchipuram from South India, Paithani from Maharashtra, Benarasi from North India, Muga Silk from Assam and Ilkal’s saree to name a few.


Late.Vittappa Govindappa Bhandari


Late.Vittappa Govindappa Bhandari is the driving force and spirit of our family business which has served its purpose for seven and half decades and continues to do the same for upcoming years. It was all because of him by which we are able to succeed in forming the perfect blend of our culture and technology.


We at ILKAL pride believe in delivering good services to our customers, we value our customer and satisfying our customer’s need is our primary goal, we strive hard to meet it. We take responsibility for the packaging and shipping of the product.


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We are into this Saree Manufacturing market for more than 75 years since then we have been working hard to provide good quality products to our customers. As a reason, we are now leading to this market.


Want to gift your loved ones with Handlooms & Powerlooms Sarees? We at ILKAL Pride help you by making sarees as attractive.